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Vittorazi Day, memorial Vittoriano Orazi

Druh akce: paramotory paramotory
Kdy:24. 09. 2010 - 26. 09. 2010
Kontakt:info@vittorazi.com, http://www.vittoraziday.com/

The Vittorazi Day born in 2009 with the idea to commemorate Vittoriano Orazi and joined the wish to create an international meeting for pilots and supporter, then approach more people to this sport: the paramotor.

The program 2010 bring important news: the opening day (Friday) will be dedicated to the school and children, with activity and didactic lessons then to handicap person, having together tandem flights on purpose machines.

In the following days the airfield will be continually animated from the exhibitions of the best Italian and foreigners pilots, from the spectacular jumps of skydiving, exhibitions of RC-plane and kite-board.

After the sunset the party continues on the field, with concerts, artists, video projections, debates, flights in balloon.

Every paramotor and trike pilot is invited to participate at the meeting: open flights for the two days, a flight in group, an enormous space of take-off and landing (500x200m).
We will organize the official Italian record of paramotors flight and we will reward the biggest group or club.

The public can follow the shows or try an exciting flights in tandem, to visit the expo area or to have a good time with the kites or games prepared for the occasion. Free Entry.


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