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The Flying Show 2011 in Birmingham

Druh akce: ultralight ultralight, paramotory paramotory, ostatní ostatní
Kdy:26. 11. 2011 - 27. 11. 2011
Kde: Birmingham NEC, Birmingham, United Kingdom

If you want to see the cream of lightweight flying, then come to Hall 12 of the NEC where a wide range of exhibitors, associations and traders gather together to show how accessible flying can be and how much it has to offer.

The Flying Show is the UK's biggest indoor show covering the whole spectrum of lightweight sport flying, from simple paraglider canopies to 'hotship' composite microlights capable of cruising at 130kts or more, and all with the great emphasis on affordability.

This 'New Aviation' is one of the fastest growing areas in sport flying, and this show is where you can catch up on new foot launched paragliders, competition hang gliders, the latest flexwing microlight and much, much more. Things move on quickly, you get to see the best new products here at the show.


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