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Super Paragliding Testival 2012

Druh akce: paragliding paragliding, ostatní ostatní
Kdy:17. 05. 2012 - 20. 05. 2012
Kde: Kössen

Kössen / Austria again will be the scene of the biggest paragliding event in the world. From 17th - 20th May 2012 we expect all leading paragliding manufacturers in the world as well as many companies producing accessories and equipment and - as in previous years - more than 2,000 pilots to gather in the Kössener "Fliegerbar Arena." At the beginning of the European flying season all the latest paragliding products and collections will be presented to the international air sport scene and gliders and flight gear provided to the pilots for test flying.
Sepp Himberger, Fly-Koessen Manager: "Our concept for an innovative, business-oriented air sports event has found full recognition in the world’s air sports scene. Kössen and the Austrian Kaiserwinkl once again underline the market leadership as a top paragliding destination in Europe "! (More info: www.fly-koessen.at/spt)


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