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Druh akce: ultralight ultralight
Kdy:04. 09. 2010 - 05. 09. 2010
Kde: AIRPORT - BLOIS Le Breuil (France) LFOQ


- Yearly gathering of all amateurs and professional of ultralight.

- Presentations and free tests.

- Public presentation of paramotors and autogyros.

- Possibility of hydro-ultralights on Sunday morning.


It concerns ultralights and spare parts.

The mounted ultralight (ready to fly) will be parked in the area called "ULM visiteurs", near the sign "OCCASION".

The ultralights which will be on trailer will be located in a specific area, near the precedent one, with the staff's agreement.

The location of the spare sparts could change according to the weather.


In order that the biggest European traffic of ultralights occurs in satisfying conditions of freedom and security, it is imperative to follow the lap type plane, by respecting what is indicate next :

- start of final : 200 to 400 m of the runway threshold, slope : 7 to 20 %, speed : 65 to 85 km/h.

- respect order, visual contacts (beware about dead angles) and priority (no overtaking in final stage).

- It is forbidden to fly over the whole static zone in the south-east of the runway.

- The cross in low height, against the runway, touch and go could be made exceptionally, with the flights director agreement.


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