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Palm Bay Para-Fly-In

Druh akce: paramotory paramotory
Kdy:23. 03. 2012 - 25. 03. 2012
Kde: Skywood Ct SW Palm Bay, FL 32908

Location: Skywood Court SW, Palm Bay, FL. (Google Earth, Mapquest, Garmin)
This is a huge 2,000 acre abandoned subdivision with very large flat mowed fields in a remote area on the edge of town. No houses, tall trees or other LZ obstructions. All roads are in but no utilities. Much scenery and wildlife to see from high above (such as deer, wild boar, alligator, an occasional bobcat, panther, and lynx).

Food, entertainment, vendors, R/C demonstrations & lots of flying will be the order of the day. Dry camping on site included, restaurant & hotel accommodations in close vicinity.

This is a 100% fundraiser benefit for "PAL", a non-profit organization for local youth activities. Due to current economic times, this group has been completely cut off from municipal funding yet continues to serve a very worthy cause. More details about them are at http://palmbaypal.com

Donations: Pilots, $25. Vendors, $100 (All Tax Deductible) No charge for spectators.

Organizers: Sgt. Dave Weber & Capt.. Mark Renkens, Palm Bay Police Dept.
Scott Adair & Don Jordan, USPPA instructors

Thank you for supporting community youth activities through "PAL".


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