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Linley Hill Airfield

Linley Hill Airfield
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Kde:Linley Hill, Leven, East Yorkshire, HU17 5LT

Visiting pilots should click on the link (right) for aeronautical information.
The official name of the airfield is ‘Beverley’. It was originally called ‘Linley Hill Airfield’ but with a height of less than 15 feet the ‘hill’ is barely discernible.
Before landing at Beverley visiting pilots must obtain permission, either by telephone to +44 (0)1964 544994 or by air-to-ground radio on 123.05 MHz.
Beverley surrendered its CAA licence in 2011 and no longer has the protection of an ATZ even though the zone is still shown on some charts. Information about the airfield is not published in the UK AIP but flight guides such as Pooley’s and AFE are reliable sources.
Prominent visual features are two reservoirs, one round and the other D-shaped, just over a mile to the northwest, a wind farm 1.5 miles to the south and a wind farm on the former wartime airfield at Lissett, seven miles to the northeast.
Visitors should be aware that search & rescue helicopters operate from RAF Leconfield (N5352.62 W00026.11). Their VHF radio also uses 123.05 MHz. The SAR base is 2.9 nm from Beverley on a QDM of 246 degrees. Do not overfly Leconfield! Other places to avoid are Leven village which is 1½ miles to the east of Beverley and Brandesburton which is a little further north.
All circuits are to the north at 1000 ft AGL: right-hand for runway 30 and left-hand for runway 12. For further details please telephone or consult a flight guide or see the link below.
We strongly advise visitors to arrive overhead at a minimum of 1500 ft and descend on the dead side to join the circuit at 1000 ft. Be aware that paramotors may be flying at low level on the dead side.


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