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Light Aviation Fair - PARAGIEŁDA

Druh akce: ultralight ultralight, paramotory paramotory, paragliding paragliding, ostatní ostatní
Kdy:09. 03. 2013 - 10. 03. 2013
Kde: Warsaw, Gładka Street 18

Gekon Glide Club Association is pleased to invite you to the Light Aviation Fair PARAGIEŁDA, organized on March 9th - 10th, 2013 in Warsaw. This is a sole fair of such a kind in the Central and Eastern Europe, organized already the ninth time by our Association. The main idea of our venture is not only to familiarize the „fellow aviators” with the present offer, but to make the potential and future fans of the aviation sports interested in it. A goal of the fair is also the popularization of the light aviation as a way of recreation and pastime.
Paragiełda is a great opportunity of the direct reaching not only the people actively practising aviation sports and related, but also the potential fans of these disciplines.
Detailed information can be found at www.paragielda.com.pl


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