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Himalayan Paramotor Yatra – 2011

Druh akce: paramotory paramotory
Kdy:12. 01. 2011 - 23. 01. 2011
Kde: Nepal

On the auspicious occasion of Nepal Tourism Year 2011, Avia Club Nepal and Nepal Airsports Association (NAA), National member of Federation Aeronautics International (FAI) is organizing HIMALAYAN PARAMOTOR YATRA 2011 in Nepal.

This event will be of a very diverse nature, flying from a low terrain to the highest peaks ranging from the height of 690 ft to 12,000 ft and above, where is a magnificent view of the whole Himalayan range.

Nepal is blessed with the most stunning landscapes, which has no comparison with anywhere else in the world and with the blended essence of different culture and heritage. Weather wise also this is the most favorable month for Para motor flyers with an average temperature of 5-18 degrees and equally completing wind speed. It is the perfect setting for precision tasks and great cross-country flying in the heart of Nepal covering 465 km.

The proposal of the championship is to open Nepal for flyers lovers and reinforce friendship amongst pilots and nations.

This is a perfect opportunity for your first visit to Nepal. We will do our best to organize the championship, make your stay comfortable and pleasant throughout the championship.

Everything is setup and ready for great Flying event!


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