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Expo Montegrappa 2013 and Montegrappa Trophy

Druh akce: paramotory paramotory, paragliding paragliding, závěsné létání závěsné létání, ostatní ostatní
Kdy:28. 03. 2013 - 01. 04. 2013
Kde: Borso del Grappa

EXPO 2013. It's our pleasure to announce that Montegrappa Expo 2013 is planned along with the Montegrappa Trophy. Expo Montegrappa 2013 is a unique and not to be missed opportunity for all the free flight market operators.Thanks to new synergies, the exhibitors will find bigger area and improved services to promote their stuff and activities. The Montegrappa Expo 2013 will be a more than 1.000m2 indoor exposition and you will find a lot of stands with different sizes and all of them will be supplied with light, electric power, etc... The meeting will be embedded in the amazing Montegrappa Trophy (hangliding and paragliding international FAI2 competition), so you will operate in a world-class accredited event. Montegrappa Expo 2013 is scheduled for March 30-31- and 1 April and it will take place in the official Montegrappa Trophy landing area. Feel free to contact us. We are ready to give you informations and a complete on site assistance. We all are waiting for your coming! info@aeroclubmontegrappa.it - STAND RESERVATION


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