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Endless Footdrag & Competition

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Kdy:25. 05. 2012 - 28. 05. 2012
Kde: Fort Smith, AR

The Arkansas/Oklahoma Memorial Day Weekend Fly-In is an informal gathering of ONLY PG and PPG pilots/families.

A USPPA membership is required to attend this fly-in. Also, if you cannot provide proof of your PPG2 rating (or higher) you MUST enroll in the on-site ratings clinic. Not to worry, the fee is reimbursed upon completion.

We have one of the largest bermuda sod farms in the area, which offers soft green sod and allows unobstructed flying at it's best. Check out Google Earth, Fort Smith, Arkansas (View the sod farm area, which is straight west of Fort Smith, between the city limits and the Arkansas River).
Organized flying begins on Friday morning, May 28, and concludes Monday evening, May 31.

Camping is available on-site.
A variety of fine dining and fast food restaurants are within 5-10 minutes from the flying area.
There are several hotel/motels located within a 5 mile radius of the sod farms. (and Fort Smith airport with airline service: AA and NWA flights)

In addition to hosting the second PPG Pylon race of the inaugural season, The Endless Foot Drag Fly-in will also host the very first PPG Pylon Racing Clinic in the U.S. This Clinic, facilitated by Ryan Shaw, will offer both new and seasoned racers, an opportunity to fine tune their racing skills in this new medium. This event, as well, is also contingent on advance pilot registrations.

Registration Fee: $50.00 USD


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