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Commission Internationale de Micro-Aviation CIMA

Commission Internationale de Micro-Aviation CIMA
Zaměření firmy: ultralight ultralight, paramotory paramotory, vrtulníky a vírníky vrtulníky a vírníky

CIMA is the International Microlight and Paramotor Commission of the FAI

CIMA = Commission Internationale de Micro-Aviation.

All World Records, World Championships and Continental Championships are conducted under the direction of CIMA.

CIMA has a large number of delegates from around the World who meet annually at a Plenary meeting, usually in November.

Most CIMA decisions are made at Plenary meetings but much work goes on throughout the rest of the year. Sub-committees and working groups are appointed by the Plenary to do specific work and a Bureau consisting of a President, two vice Presidents, a Treasurer and a Secretary is elected by the Plenary to represent CIMA.

The main purpose of this wiki is to facilitate the collaborative work of the Bureau and the different sub-committees and working groups, and to make their activity and results visible to the air sports community.

There are other uses as well, for example CIMA Delegates can enter national events in the unofficial events calendar and make World record corrections since the data fields were changed in the FAI records database at the beginning of 2010.

For any other official information please refer to the CIMA page at the FAI portal. www.fai.org


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