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Christmas Fly-In

Druh akce: paramotory paramotory
Kdy:27. 12. 2010 - 02. 01. 2011
Kde: Pine Island Airport, Pine Island, FL

Welcome to on-site camp

Competition events will be held (Spot landing, Nav, Foot drag, and others)

Cross Country and Altitude flights

Lots of non-flying activities nearby and on site!

Charges for the week established by the Pine Island Airport:

$30 All Pilots (Must sign disclaimer upon entry to Pine Island Airport)

$20 Tent camping
$100 RV and large trailers (will be parked on concrete)
$20 Electric & water hookup
$200 Vendors - w/ electric & water - all parked on concrete pad

During the Fly-in we will have scheduled a CFI (PPC) and a DPE (WeightShift Trike, PPC)
available for Instruction, Log Book endorsements, Checkrides with N Numbered PPC's and Weight Shift Trikes

Note: FRS/GMRS, & Air-band radios will be in use, please bring yours if you plan to fly.


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