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Bear Lodge Fly-In

Druh akce: paramotory paramotory, paragliding paragliding
Kdy:14. 07. 2011 - 16. 07. 2011
Kde: Bear Lodge Resort, Burgess Junction, Wyoming
Kontakt:Don McNiven (307) 431-8792

The Sixth Annual Bear Lodge Fly-In at the scenic Bear Lodge Resort, Burgess Junction, Wyoming will be on July 14-16, 2011. It's just west of Sheridan, Wyoming and the world famous Sand Turn Hang Gliding site on top of the Big Horn Mountains. Paramotor morning and evening and free fly all day long from 3 great paraglider launches; Five Springs, Red Grade, and Sand Turn . Cost: Flying is free! Dry camping is free! Launch information: 8000-10000 MSL elevation on hundreds of acres of alpine meadows. Pilot Requirements/Rules: USHPA P3 or USPPA PPG3 or under direct USHPA or USPPA instructor supervision. Some of the most challanging, exciting, and beutiful flying you will ever experience. If you are not rated, but feel you have the experience necessary, please call. Sorry, no trikes. Foot launch only. Contact info: Don McNiven (307) 431-8792 www.blackdiamondaircraft.com


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