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Beach Blast 2013 "Flying In Paradise" - ZRUŠENO

Druh akce: paramotory paramotory
Kdy:06. 05. 2013 - 12. 05. 2013
Kde: Edgewater Beach Resort, Panama City Beach, FL

This event draws pilots from 14 countries and has a massive vendors row with all of the latest and greatest equipment displayed.

Fly the white sandy beaches and emerald green waters while your family enjoys a first class resort shops at the renowned Pier Park. There's also Snorkeling, Scuba, Fishing, Water Parks, Scooters, Rails, Parasailing, Tandem PPG, Shell Island and much more.

We will be requiring a USPPA PPG 2 or higher rating to fly at Beach Blast this year. We will have clinics available before the event for those wishing to attain their ratings. We look forward to seeing you again.

Visit www.BeachBlastPPG.com for more.


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