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AirActive 2011, air sports exhibition

Druh akce: ultralight ultralight, paramotory paramotory, paragliding paragliding, závěsné létání závěsné létání, vrtulníky a vírníky vrtulníky a vírníky, ostatní ostatní
Kdy:09. 07. 2011 - 10. 07. 2011
Kde: Elshof

Air Sports Exhibition
AirActive is an air sports exhibition where in an informal setting, knowledge and experiences of the various air sports can be shared. An excellent chance for you to show the
visitors your product or service. Especially because you have the option to demonstrate your product or even let the
visitors try your product or service themselves. At 50 meters from the exhibition there is a presentation field and within 250 meters you can actually fly on Elsefly Airport!
Even if your product requires no outdoor presentation, this fair will be interesting for you. Where else in the Netherlands can you find such a large group of people
interested in air sports at the same time!

Are you a supplier, producer or
importer regarding to the following air sports, or do you have interesting things to offer to people within these sectors?
 Paragliding
 Hang-gliding
 Powered paragliding
 Micro light aircraft
 Hot air balloons
 Gliding
 Model airplanes
Then this is your chance to meet your potential and/or existing relations!


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