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2012 3rd Asian Beach Games

Druh akce: paramotory paramotory
Kdy:16. 06. 2012 - 21. 06. 2012
Kde: Haiyang (CHN)
Kontakt:http://www.haiyang2012.com/en/ http://wiki.fai.org/display/otherCIMAevents/ 2012+3rd+Asian+Beach+Games

Key facts
The official website is http://www.haiyang2012.com/en/
National teams are limited to maximum 5 pilots in the PF1 class (Paraglider control / Foot-launched / flown solo) They can be flown by male or female pilots and may use any type of engine.
Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are available for:
Precision flying, individual.
Economy flying, individual.
Combined precision flying and economy flying, individual.
Combined precision flying and economy flying, teams.
The main considerations in selecting the tasks are they are on the beach, fun to fly and entertaining for spectators. Scoring will be in a form which is really easy for everyone to understand.
There are up to 5 days available for competition tasks, it seems probable there will be precision tasks morning and evening with economy tasks in the middle of the day.
There is no Athlete entry fee, but there will be expenses in the form of the Athletes Village accommodation fee (approx. USD 50 per day) and the cost of getting to the Games and home again.
China has a first class reputation for organizing these sorts of events, the 2007 World Paramotor Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games were both hugely succesful which makes this an event not to be missed!


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